Speedview komplet Kit


Speedview komplet Kit


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Speedview is the world’s 1st hands & only hands free roll-off system.

Using unique digital ID wireless technology, the touch of a button automatically triggers the electronic roll-off system, clearing your lens of mud and dirt in less than a second, enabling you to focus on your performance & winning. Never take your hands off the handle bars again!

Speedview is the most technologically advanced roll off system in the world and it’s taking the industry by storm. That’s why riders from over 30 different countries love it.

How it works….

Like magic really. You push the Speedbutton attached to your bikes handlebar to trigger the automatic roll off system, using unique Digital Id Technology. Your lens is instantly cleared of mud & dirt, in less than 1 second!

As a rider you need to get ahead, or get left behind…

With everything you expect from standard goggles – anti-fog/static lens, 100% UV protection, moisture wicking micro-fleece lined face foam, silicone beaded strap etc.

But Speedview has a few added extras…

  • Crystal clear vision in all conditions – in a split second
  • Seconds saved per lap – increasing speed & performance
  • Up to 40 clears per Speedroll
  • 208% increased viewing area to normal goggles (792cm2)
  • 160 degrees peripheral vision
  • Flexible double lens anti-fog threaded AFT
  • Never take your hands of the handlebars again
  • A new larger triple-layer face foam for improved comfort and fit
  • A new improved track and cover which reduces the risk of mud and dirt clogging up the system
  • A new snap-on track and lens allowing you to easily replace or change the track and cover over the dual lens
  • A new receiver unit which minimises the risk of accidental activation or on/off switching
  • New goggle strap design


Speedview is simple and easy to use > clear your vision with the touch of a button!

>>> Hands-free wireless activation >>>

>>> Up to 40 clears per roll >>>

>>> 208% increase in viewing area >>>

>>>Lithium Battery last 6-8 months>>>

*every part of Speedview is replaceable*

Speedview is the world’s most advanced hands-free electronic goggle roll-off system! Speedview is simple and easy to use > clear your vision with the touch of a button! No slowing down, no lifting your hand and no messing about trying to find the small pull-cord or tear-off strip. No matter if you’re a weekend warrior, a talented youth or a semi-pro trying to make it big, Speedview will help you start better, get you to that corner faster, improve your lap times and all while increasing your safety.Hands-free electronic goggle roll-off system



Handsfree, wireless activation.

Pressing the handlebar mounted Speedbutton will wirelessly and instantly activate a motor to wind a new clear roll of film across your goggle giving you perfect clear vision! We have developed an extremely advanced and innovative wireless syncing system, once synced your Speedview will only work your transmitters and receiver. The technology allows up to 16 million different Speedview systems in use at any one time in the same location meaning you never have to worry about another users system interfering with your systemWireless Technology

Vastly improved viewing area.

Speedview offers the largest uncompromised viewing area of any roll-off system. A standard roll-off goggle gives you approximately 351cm² of viewing area when covered in mud or dirt, Speedview gives you a massive 729 cm² of viewing area when covered in mud or dirt, that’s a 208% increase in view area. Speedview also offers a widest peripheral viewing area approximately 160° degrees wide helping you see more of what’s around you or what’s coming behind you.

40 Clears per Roll.

Each speedroll provides up to 40 clearings per use depending on conditions. Never again will you need to worry about saving your clear film for when you most need it, with Speedview’s intelligent algorithm each time you press the Speedbutton the motor only winds enough film to clear your vision giving you up to 40 clears per race.

Race Ready.

Speedview is a tough and robust system, a system that has been designed to work perfectly in the worst conditions. Utilizing the strength and durability of poly-carbonate for the track, cover and fog free dual lens for impact protection, water resistant transmitter and receiver units and Speedview’s advanced wireless features mean Speedview will work every time it’s needed. Speedview is perfect for Motocross, Supercross, Enduro, Supermoto, Quad racing, Mountain biking, Speedway, Auto racing, Jet boat racing, Formula off-road, Trophy truck & Off-road racing and many many other off-road action sports


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