PVL Coil free programable 2 curves and RPM Limiter


PVL Coil free programable 2 curves and RPM Limiter



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PVL Coil free programable 2 curves and RPM Limiter you can programm it on your own with the PVL Programming Software

Details to the ignition coil:

You will receive a pre programmed digital ignition coil, specially programmed for you based on your specifications and wishes (which type of engine, capacity, application, etc., etc.)

In the coil we will programm 2 ignition curves, which can be selected even during riding, by means of a switch.

E.g. 1st curve for starts, 2nd. curve for the race.

or E.g. 1st curve for difficult terrain/ narrow passages, 2nd curve fast straights or long curves, etc, etc, etc…

The programming possibilities are almost unlimited.

Each curve has a range of approximately 0 ° to 40 °

It is possible to programm an individual rev limiter per curve within the coil respectively.

It is possible that we can at any time reprogram your programmable digital ignition coil to meet your requests or needs.

The digital pre programmed ignition coil is designed by us in order to get the best performance from each engine. We will customize the curve exactly to suit your engine and your requirements.

To discuss the ignition curve in connection to your requirements, contact us either by email

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